PLANTUS, healthy plant-based drinks

PLANTUS is a unique drink, a sparkling infusion
of real natural plants exclusively grown in France,
100% organic, with 0 kcal and 0 sugars,
like a refreshing and digestive sparkling water.
Raw and natural flavors.



Natural plant drinks par excellence, their delicate sparkle reveals the flavours of the aromatic substances of plants.

On the nose, they express a complex herbal bouquet. On the palate, they exalt preserved natural flavours, like a surprising and refreshing experience.

Refreshing blends

Made from a balanced blend of plants, using a pure infusion process to extract their subtle flavours.

Natural and ultra-refreshing, unique and essential, they can be enjoyed like sparkling water for healthy hydration.


For all

All tastes are in nature and each palate is different. Plants are our common heritage.

Let yourself be carried away by a healthy and real refreshing experience, natural and free of all sugars.

Indispensable in cafes, hotels, restaurants, they are also available in delicatessens, organic stores and quality collective catering.

Authentic and true

Handcrafted in France, quality traceability ensures 100% French plants and 100% organic ECOCERT FR-BIO-01 certification.

Their durable glass container is natural and infinitely recyclable. The water used is not taken from natural resources.

Our history

From a precious heritage...


To a passion for plants...

They talk about us




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Infusion: PLANTUS waters, real infusions of natural plants

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