Deux montagnards dans un environnement de montagne.


We all have a precious heritage to tell…


In the year 1219, a terrible wild dragon flooded the snake valley and all surrounding villages were devastated. All peasant lands were destroyed. Fortunately, the good dolphin bequeathed its alpine lands to the peasants of the valley to graze their animals.

This is the story of our ancestors since the thirteenth century. They have always taken care of their preserved natural lands without abusing them. They were particularly fond of gathering the Génépi plant in the alpine cliffs. Plants are widely available in nature, bringing original tastes and well-being.


Unfortunately, plants are often forgotten by the general public today. Yet, plants are part of our ecosystem. They are guarantors of our still preserved natural spaces: from the mountains of the Alps to the Pyrenean foothills, passing by the hills of the scrubland of the Mediterranean arc. Wild plants are picked or simply grown in the garden. They are used to develop various recipes, including the génépi harvested in the mountains for the delight of our guests taste buds for an aperitif, a brunch, a meal or digestive.

This story is also yours, these ancestors are also yours. From hunter-gatherer sources, we all have in our roots a story of plants to tell.

Portrait d'Adrien PERRET en montagne l'été. Arrière-plan de prairie d'herbe verdoyante.



Adrien, creator of PLANTUS® drinks, comes from the mountains of the Northern Alps, Isère and Savoie. He also lived in the Pyrenees and Languedoc and Provencal garrigue. He quickly became interested in alpine and Pyrenean flora, the surrounding plains and scrubland.

Today, he spends his life between the northern Alps and the Mediterranean, from Geneva, Annecy, Grenoble, to Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.


Adrien devoted himself to other professional aspirations before returning to his passion for plants. He began his professional career in the design of skis and snowboards. Then he obtained a PhD in mechanical engineering and materials in 2011 and he designed planes and helicopters. His career brought him varied experiences until leading him to question his professional career.

In 2017, he decides to reorient himself and follows a Master at KEDGE Business School Marseille in Management, Strategy and Finances of Organisations. In search of authenticity and truth, he defended his professional thesis in November 2018 on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable consumption.


Authentic and urban, modern and true, between heritage and innovation, Adrien decided to reconnect with his story. His ancestors have always protected a sensitive natural environment. By seeking to take his time, to travel through natural spaces, to search in his past, he has recaptured the passion for plants. He wants to rediscover the landscapes, the sensations, the emotions, to smell the perfume of the plants, to collect them, to mix them and to share their simple, frank and pure tastes.


The destination of this initiatory journey is the rediscovery of the simple taste of the products that bring nature to the fore, thanks to PLANTUS® drinks.
Adrien’s first mission is to provide today’s consumers with a healthy and tasty alternative. Thus, he created PLANTUS®drinks from infused natural plants recipes.
His second mission is to respect the raw materials, the environment and the health of the consumer. For this, PLANTUS®drinks are eco-designed to meet the aspirations of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The words of the creator


When I was little in my alpine lands, my grandmother Marcelle introduced me to the plants used for generations by our ancestors. Among them are violet flowers for herbal teas, or arnica and plantain to treat bruises. The ancients picked the genepi, used in herbal teas and liqueurs.

Then as I grew up, I discovered many other plants with an original and very appreciable taste. All these plants will be used to create the PLANTUS drinks.

Herbal drinks

In 2005, I started making my own herbal drinks: liqueurs, wines, syrups, herbal teas, lemonades and other non-alcoholic drinks. Encouraged by the success of these drinks with new original flavors, I became aware of the emerging interest in herbal, natural and organic drinks.

When making a choice to refresh ourselves (at the café terraces, in restaurants, bars, at the spa, after sport, etc.), I only found water or alcoholic, sweet and flavoured drinks. I was looking for an alternative to quench my thirst with real flavors of natural plants obtained by an infusion process.

The idea was born to create drinks only made from infused natural plants, healthy and pleasant to drink.


In 2016, more than ten years after the creation of the first drinks, the PLANTUS dream became reality: to offer drinks made with infused natural plants, really healthy and natural.

The PLANTUS brand was registered in 2017. Then a Research and Development program led to the start of the marketing of PLANTUS drinks in March 2019.