Une vraie bonne boisson

  • Organic certification ECOCERT FR-BIO-01.
  • 100% organic ingredients.
  • Good for me: the benefits of soft, natural plants. No sugar, sweeteners, colouring or flavouring added, 100% organic. Without alcohol, without theine, without caffeine.
  • Good for the planet: eco-designed beverage for a sustainable consumption, without plastic, in search of a true Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Responsabilité Sociétale et Environnementale

  • Drink made in France.
  • Organic natural plants are grown in France.
  • Glass bottle, natural material and infinitely recyclable. No plastic released into the environment.
  • Water softened and filtered at controlled pH. No natural groundwater withdrawal, natural resources are preserved for minimal environmental impact.

Richness of plants

At first glance, anyone would think that bottling is nothing extraordinary, that plants are everywhere. That they have no value, like weeds. Except that in speaking of global warming, air quality, pollution and water scarcity, we can thank nature for offering us plants today yet. High quality ingredients, they are the guarantee of a weakly processed, healthy and natural diet.
PLANTUS seeks to lay the foundations of true Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Preservation of the environment

PLANTUS wishes to preserve the raw materials that nature provides us, by protecting the fauna and flora. PLANTUS drinks are local, all raw materials are certified organic and plants are produced in France.

Natural heritage

PLANTUS wants to protect the natural heritage, from the hills of the scrubland of the Mediterranean Sea to the summit of the mountains. PLANTUS drinks are 100% organic (all ingredients come from organic farming), they are bottled in glass bottles, natural material and recyclable to infinity. No plastic is released into the environment.
Water is not taken from natural water tables, natural resources are conserved for minimal environmental impact.