Tasting in Geneva

From Monday 04 to Thursday 07 March 2019 in Geneva, Central Geneva Pilates hosted a PLANTUS® tasting for a consumer test.

This Pilates center was the ideal place to offer a tasting.

For 4 days, the students of the center had the chance to taste this new refreshing drinks.

PLANTUS® drinks are sparkling beverages with infused natural plants.

These new healthy drinks are incomparable with the existing offer on the market.

Very often they surprise … All the tastes are in the nature and everybody is different …

Most of the time, PLANTUS® Valley and Calanque are really appreciated!

And you, what is your taste?

In the center of Geneva, Central Geneva Pilates offers Pilates gymnastics classes in groups or in private, as well as shiatsu massages. At the same address Central Geneva Wellness offers different wellness options. More information on www.centralgenevapilates.com


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